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Education & Resources

In the United States, the average cost of caring for those with dementia is approximately $341,840 per person (Alzheimer’s Association, 2018).  Every 1 in 3 seniors who die each year has Alzheimer's disease or another type of dementia. And here in Indiana, dementia is listed as the 6th leading cause of death. At my HOPE FOR YOU Healthcare Services, we incorporate traditional and complementary approaches designed to delay the onset or progression of dementia.  With the help of our certified team and volunteers, our goal is to partner with you and your loved ones throughout the continuum of the illness including the acquisition of additional health services based on the needs of the individual or caregiver.


At My HOPE for YOU Healthcare Services, we realize the burden of disease not only affects the patient, but it also affects the caregivers and the community. Our community-based services focus on optimizing the health of those at risk for the development of dementia, those with mild cognitive impairment, or those who have a diagnosis of dementia. We provide community education, networking opportunities as well as spiritual and emotional support for the patients and caregivers in underserved high-risk communities via social media or in person.

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