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Memory problems?

When my husband started forgetting to pay some of the bills- I thought it was stress not the possibility of cognitive impairment or dementia despite his family history of Alzheimer's disease. When a neighbor who has Parkinsons' disease got lost driving home from the store and his roommate had to meet him so he could follow her home, none of us thought about the possibility of dementia. Experts have been talking about post COVID "brain fog" and increased risks for dementia in the elderly as part of the effects from COVID. Some illnesses (such as diabetes, strokes, HIV) and some medications have been linked to cognitive impairment as well. These are some of the reasons why if you noticed changes in your memory or in the memory of someone you love, it is important to talk with your doctor about further evaluation and testing. Memory problems are not always dementia but unless you talk to someone, you'll never know if there is a treatment!

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